We Love our Men

Last month we celebrated all the moms, thanking them for their love and kindness; with Father’s day just around the corner we want to show our gratitude to all the wonderful fathers.

At Novo Spa we have everything covered, from deep tissue massage to deep cleansing facials, gentlemen’s pedicures to manicures all in an atmosphere where they will feel comfortable and relaxed.


Men are now finally realizing what women have known for years, they see and feel the benefits of taking time out to relax, unwind, de-stress, and re-charge; they realize the necessity rather than the luxury, the therapy rather than the pampering. Research suggests that men account for 35% of Canadian-spa goers and this is only on the increase. At Novo Spa we love to open our doors and reach out to men with treatments specifically designed for their specific needs.

Massage is always a popular treatment for men for the obvious physical purpose, relief of muscle aches and pain, reducing stress, and increasing sleep. Different and varying techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release all can help get to the root of the cause and help relieve the tension and feel like you can take control of your body again.

Heat Therapy
Heat rooms have a long tradition in many cultures from Turkish baths to Native American steam lodges. Like massage, heat is associated with the relief of muscular stress from bad posture, sports and work related injuries. A good sauna before a deep pressure massage will make for a more effective treatment.

Men’s skin is very different to that of women’s; that is why treatments and products must be specific and customized. Aside from the fact that men shave, which often causes sensitivity on the skin, their skin is a lot thicker with higher oil production and collagen density, different texture and hydration. All these differences in the skin result in differences in the treatment too.

At Novo Spa we recommend the following specific male skin care grooming products.


MenCleansingGel G


Facial Cleansing Gel (Gel Nettoyant Visage)

Key Ingredients

*Menthol: refreshes.
*Allantoin: soothes.
*Witch Hazel extract: tones.
*Bioecolia: restores cutaneous flora balance.



MenExfoliatingGel G


Facial Exfoliating Gel (Gommage Peau Nette)

Key Ingredients

*Jojoba microspheres: exfoliate, moisturize and soften.
*Silica grains: exfoliate.
*Birch extract: purifies and tightens the pores.
*Glycerin: moisturizes and softens.



MenAfterShave G


Moisturizing Soothing After Shave Balm (Baume Après-Rasage)

Key Ingredients

*Vitamin E: anti-free radical and antioxidant.
*Sepicalm (Lipo Amino Acids, Potassium, Magnesium):soothe, soften, antiirritation.
*Menthol: refreshes.
*Witch Hazel extract: astringent, bacteriostatic.
*Natural Plant Emulsion: moisturizes.



“You will feel great when putting on our robe and slippers, come take a break from city living and get your energy back at our urban retreat!”


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