About Us

Novo Owners

Owner of Novo Spa, Nora Londono, graduated university with a dream to open her own business. With a degree in business administration from Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia, Nora worked 20 years in finance before immigrating to Canada with her husband Gabriel Fernandez. Here, she was finally able to transform her love for well-being and beauty into reality: now known as Novo Spa.

Novo Spa is the sum of the beliefs, actions and commitments of its team members

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as the best Toronto Spa and to ensure to provide, permanent and consistently superior services
  • Spa for the Torontonians

Our Mission

  • Provide our guests with a range of services and therapeutic techniques performed with a superior level of consistency, quality and hygiene
  • Provide superior customer service skills, effective measurement of guests’ responses, and strong guests’ care relationships
  • Provide an atmosphere which acknowledges the benefits of colour, heat, steam and aroma therapy and cares about the well being of our guests and employees
  • Provide a high quality facility, equipment, furniture and decoration that ensure a relaxed, calm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Provide a great place to work in

Our Values

Our Team of Novo Spa will be committed to:

  • Provide consistently exceptional services with exceptional value
  • Willing to serve one another
  • Maintain a therapeutic, caring, supportive and creative work environment, which will respect the dignity, privacy, safety and integrity of our guests, our employees and our company
  • High standards in hygiene and sanitation