Guinot Hydradermie Sun 75min

Guinot Hydradermie Sun 75min


Sun Exposure targeting Hydradermie

Galvanic Ionization | HiFrequency Oxygenation

Prepares the skin before sun exposure
Skin is more vulnerable during the first three days of sun exposure because it has not yet had the time to produce the melanin which protects it.

In order to protect the skin from UV rays, whilst preserving the integrity of its elastic fibres, it is necessary to reinforce the skin’s natural defences. This must be done before sun exposure, whilst facilitating the tanning process to provide natural protection against UV rays.

Of course, preparing the skin for sun exposure does not eliminate the need for proper sun protection!

Repairs skin after sun exposure
When skin has been exposed to the sun, it is dehydrated and signs of ageing such as wrinkles and lines can appear, along with dry skin and a loss of firmness. It is absolutely necessary to help skin counteract the negative effects of UV rays and keep only the positive effects whilst prolonging the tan.

The treatment
This unique and highly effective treatment uses gentle galvanic and high frequency therapy to deep penetrate active skincare ingredients and aid in hydration of the epidermis. Circulation is boosted and cellular regeneration is enhanced.

The secrets behind the treatment
– Ionization with active ingredients, precursor molecules to Melanin, prepare the skin before the holidays.  This reinforces the skin’s defences, whilst Rejuvenating Active Ingredients repair the skin after the holiday by aiding cellular renewal.
– Oxigenation facilitates cellular regeneration
– Massage, a moment of relaxation before and after the holiday, which improves cellular exchanges and lets the skin rest.

Spas in Toronto: Hydradermie Sun Facials at Novo Spa

Suggested Upgrades:
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Contraindications: pacemaker, eczema, metallic implants, bruising, concomitant use of Vitamin A Acid

Not suitable for pregnant women

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