Hydra Sensitive Cream 50ml

Hydra Sensitive Cream 50ml


Guinot Hydra Sensitive is the ideal repair cream for all sensitive and/or reactive skin types. Thanks to its desensitizing action, it quickly and effectively calms overheating. The new version is fragrance-free to optimize tolerance for even the most delicate skin.

Skin Type:
• Sensitive skin
• Reactive skin
• Allergic skin
• Skin with hormonal problems

Whipped, cloud-like texture

How best to use Guinot Hydra Sensitive?
Minimum 1-month course of treatment
Morning and/or evening
On cleansed skin, over face and neck
Tip +: To maximize your skin’s desensitization, it is recommended to use Hydra Sensitive Serum morning and night before your Guinot Hydra Sensitive cream.

Key Ingredients
• Lymphokinine®: improves skin tolerance with 2 actions:
– soothing to reduce feelings of irritation
– protective to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses
• Vitamin E: anti-free radical and antioxidant
• Acticalm: to reduce redness and feelings of discomfort: this active ingredient soothes the skin and protects it from external aggression, while protecting the
skin’s barrier function and maintaining its hydration.
• Camelina and Babassu oils: for softened, nourished, regenerated and soothed skin; these 2 specific oils help restore the hydrolipidic surface film for a
reinforced barrier function and preserve the skin’s lipid balance, limiting dehydration.
• Hydraprotect: for durably soothed, less reactive skin; This complex reinforces the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and limits hyperreactivity by limiting

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