Stone Crop Gel Wash 4.2oz

Stone Crop Gel Wash 4.2oz


Skin Type and Condition:
All skin types
Dirty skin
Blemished skin
Sensitive skin
Uneven toned
Dehydrated skin
Aging skin
Undernourished skin


Target Beauty:
The skin is perfectly cleansed without feeling dehydrated
The appearance of surface build-up and impurities are removed
The complexion appears clear, smooth and bright

Key Active Components:
Stone Crop: hydrating and nourishing for uneven skin tones
Chamomile: revitalizes, calms and balances the appearance of skin​
Shea Butter: calming and restorative agent

Mix (dilute) a small amount of the product (pea size) with water in hands, apply and massage into skin with fingertips in a circular motion covering the face and neck for 1—3 minutes. Completely remove with a damp face cloth and then finish with an application of toner. As an eye make-up remover, gently use in a circular motion away from the eyes and rinse thoroughly with water.

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