Eminence Organic Customized Facial 75min

Eminence Organic Customized Facial 75min


Pure Eminence Organic Signature Facials

Customized facials personally designed for you to suit your skin needs and give you exceptional results.

We use the most potent, purest certified organic ingredients handpicked and handcrafted in Hungary.

Included in this fully customizable facial is a drainage massage with Rose Quartz Rollers; scalp, facial and décolleté massage to relax, firm and tone, increase circulation and aid in the absorption of products.

Eminence Organic Skin Care caters for all skin types leaving your skin hydrated, healed, rejuvenated with a glowing youthful appearance.

Suggested Upgrades: Add-on Microdermabrasion 15 min

Series of 3 is offered for this treatment.

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