Dermaplaning + Vitamin C Infusion Resurfacing Peel 60min

Dermaplaning + Vitamin C Infusion Resurfacing Peel 60min


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Dermaplaning is a mechanical exfoliation treatment that helps maintain an even, beautiful and healthy skin glow, involving the use of a scalpel which gently scrapes off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, as well as removing vellus hairs. Followed with a pure vitamin C infusion resurfacing peel and hydro jelly mask suited to your skin needs. This ultimate combination allows for the most effective product penetration to promote new skin growth and target concerns of ageing, dryness and dull skin.

Frequently asked questions:

Am I a good candidate?
The ideal candidate for Dermaplaning has aging, dry, rough, or uneven skin tone. Dermaplaning can also help reduce the appearance of shallow acne scars, fine lines and superficial hyperpigmentation.

How long do the results last?
Results are immediate with an improvement over the following days and last for around 3 weeks.

What is the benefit of adding a chemical peel with Dermaplaning?
Hyperkeratosis is a build up of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. By removing this initial layer, a chemical peel is able to penetrate deeper into the dermis resulting in a more effective treatment. The conjunction of dermaplaning and a chemical peel leaves the skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Together they promote new skin growth and target problems such as aging, sun spots and environmental damage.

How often is treatment recommended?
Dermaplaning for some can be considered a ‘one off’ treatment perhaps in preparation for a special occasion. For those who want to maintain healthier brighter skin we recommend 1 treatment every 4 weeks. If facial hair is a concern, we recommend treatment every 6-8 weeks.

Will there be any change to my Facial hair regrowth?
No. The structure of hair will not change. The hair producing follicle is located in the dermis,(under the top layer of skin) actions to the hair above skin level will have no impact on the follicle itself.
Hair will return as normal at the same growth rate, colour and texture as before, normally 8 weeks after treatment.

Is there any downtime post-treatment?
There is no downtime apart from a little redness afterwards. Our skin care experts also recommend that care is taken in using any SPF products after Dermaplaning.

Pregnancy/ Lactating
Active herpes (cold sore) outbreak
Open or raised skin lesions, pigmented solar keratoses.
Current Laser or Glycolic Acid treatments ( within 3 weeks)
Waxing/depilatories/Electrolysis ( 1 week after chemical peel guest can wax; 1 week before guest can wax
Current use of prescription medications
Accutane or Noraccutane (must be discontinued for 6 months prior to before a resurfacing peel, or as directed by a physician)
Benzoyl peroxide (must be discontinued for 1 week before a resurfacing peel)
Prescription Retinoic Acid (must be discontinued for 1 month before a resurfacing peel)
Prescription antibiotics (must be discontinued for 1 month before a resurfacing peel)
Current use of external skin care products containing: Salicylic acid, Retinol A, AHA – alpha-hydroxy acid – (must be discontinued at least 1 week prior)

After care instructions
After any Resurfacing Peel treatment, you may experience one or more of the following:

Tingling sensation or tightness of skin (like a wind burn or sun burn)
Mild swelling

These sensations are normal, and will resolve within hours to a couple of days.

You may experience flaking, peeling and dryness of the skin – usually on the 3rd or 4th days after the treatment. This is normal.

To help get the most out of your treatments, please follow these instructions:

Immediately after the treatment, apply moisturizer with sunscreen (SPF 30+), and reapply during the day as needed, especially if you are going to be outdoors.
Keep skin well hydrated. Drink plenty of water and apply a good daily and nightly moisturizer.
Avoid sun beds for at least one week
Between treatments, keep skin well protected from UVA/UVB rays with a sunscreen (SPF 30+).
Avoid facial waxing for at least two weeks
Avoid swimming in a chlorinated pool the day of the treatment
Avoid saunas and whirlpools
Wait 1 week following treatment before resuming use of Retinol-A, AHA, or Glycolic.
Wait 3 weeks following treatment before having any laser treatments.

The best results are observed over time.

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