Lemon Grass Cleanser 1.7oz

Lemon Grass Cleanser 1.7oz


Skin Type and Condition:
The olive oil, sunflower and flax seed in our Lemon Grass Cleanser gently remove impurities from skin while organic and biodynamic herbal ingredients help calm and soothe. This hypoallergenic cream cleanser is perfect for sensitive or dehydrated skin.

Creamy-liquid cleanser

Target Beauty:
Skin is cleansed and impurities are gently removed
Skin irritation appears reduced and calmed

Key Active Components:
Olive Oil: soothes the skin
Sunflower: rich in vitamins to reduce the visible signs of aging
Wheat Extract: hydrates and lubricates the skin
Eucalyptus Oil: tones and tightens skin; cools and invigorates

Mix (dilute) a small amount of product (pea sized) with water in hands. Apply and massage into the skin with fingertips in a circular motion, covering the face and neck for 1–3 minutes, avoiding the eye area. Completely remove with warm water and a damp face cloth and finish with an application of toner.

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