Guinot Purifying & Acne 90min

Guinot Purifying & Acne 90min


Acne targeting Hydradermie | Deep Cleansing

This highly effective treatment uses gentle galvanic and high frequency therapy to deep cleanse, penetrate active purifying skincare ingredients while hydrating the epidermis.

One of the main reasons of oily skin is due to the fact that the skin is dehydrated, which in turn causes the body to over produce oil thinking that it will make up for the water loss. Therefore, by properly moisturizing the skin guests will see a significant difference.

The deep pore cleansing or desincrustation procedure actually turns hard sebum into a liquid. Then by focusing on extractons your therapist will clean out any excess build-up of oil and dirt that might be clogging up your pores.

The secrets behind the treatment:

Active purifying skincare ingredients

Series of 3 is offered for this treatment.

Suggested Upgrades:
Lift Firming Radiance Mask
Contouring Hydra Lift Mask

Contraindications: pacemaker, eczema, metallic implants, bruising, concomitant use of Vitamin A Acid

Not suitable for pregnant women

The home care maintenance product Acnilogic Cream Serum is strongly recommended

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