Guinot Age Summum 60min

Guinot Age Summum 60min


Hyaluronic Acid | Vitamin C | Collagen

Target Beauty
The Age Summum Treatment is the alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediately signs of aging: wrinkles and fines lines, loss of firmness, lack of radiance.

Active Component
During the treatment, the precious anti-aging active ingredients directly act on signs of aging:
o Pure vitamin C: stimulates the synthesis of collagen and provides antioxidant action for exceptional radiance.
o Hyaluronic Acid filler spheres: smooth away wrinkles.
o Pro-Collagen: stimulates the synthesis of collagen and fights against cutaneous slackening.

In less than 1 hour of treatment, the face appears several years younger:
The skin’s surface looks more youthful.
Wrinkles and fine lines are filled in and immediately smoothed away.
Skin texture is refined and the skin recovers a youthful radiant glow.

Scientific test results* :

After 3 treatments :
– a 49.4% average decrease in wrinkle depth is noted
– a 42.6% average increase in skin firmness is noted
– a 87.7% average increase in elasticity is noted

* Panel of 10 subjects

Care Secrets

An exclusive skincare treatment that erases signs of aging.

o Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cream
Rejuvenates the skin’s appearance by eliminating dead cells and stimulating the production of young cells.

o Regenerating Anti-Aging Serum
A genuine concentration of 56 Biological active ingredients from Cellular Life Complex and vitamin C, which encourages cell regeneration.

o Age Summum Facial Massage
An anti-aging massage technique that helps the precious active ingredients from the hyaluoronic acid and DNA-enriched serum penetrate deep down into the skin.
The skin appears firmer and facial features rejuvenated.

o Age Summum Face Mask
Specific anti-aging mask, enriched in pro-collagen that adds youthful radiance to the skin.

The advice of the expert
Age Summum Treament is ideal for all women who wish to appear younger than their age.
Your beauty therapist will recommend you one Age Summum treatment to immediately correct signs of aging and one treatment every three weeks for lasting results.
To prolong the treatment benefits, she will prescribe products suited to your skin and beauty objectives.

Series of 3 is offered for this treatment.

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