Universal Cleansing Oil 6oz

Universal Cleansing Oil 6oz


DermaQuest Universal Cleansing Oil cleanses skin’s surface of makeup, dirt, oil, and other pore-clogging debris. After cleansing, this oil doesn’t leave skin dry and devoid of moisture like other cleansers. Skin is left clean, intensely hydrated, and nourished, resulting in a healthy glow. DermaQuest Universal Cleansing Oil brightens complexions by sweeping away dead skin cells that make skin dull leaving only rejuvenated, refreshed skin.

DermaQuest Universal Cleansing Oil is an ideal cleanser for any and all skin types. Gentle enough for even sensitive skin, the antioxidant properties in this oil sooth and calm dry, irritated skin. The face is cleansed, keeping it healthy and warding off blemishes or enlarged pores for those acne-prone types. Dry skin benefits from the optimum moisturizers that hydrate and nourish the skin. DermaQuest Universal Cleansing Oil can be used to address a number of skin issues, making it perfect for all skin types.

Target Beauty
Cleanses skin.
Nourishes and hydrates skin.
Rids skin of dead skin cells.
Won’t strip skin of necessary hydration.
Brightens complexion.

Key Active Components
Jojoba, Jasmine, Safflower, Rose, Meadowfoam, Sweet Almond, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oils – Sooth irritated skin, contain antibacterial properties, minimize discolorations, soften skin, removes pore-clogging debris.
Vitamin E – Antioxidant properties that guard against free radicals, conditions the skin, stops transepidermal moisture loss.
CoEnzyme Q10 – Antioxidant; guards cells against free radicals, stabilizes cell membranes.
Retinyl Palmitate – Mild retinoid; betters skin’s elasticity and texture, minimizes lines and wrinkles.

Apply to dry face with dry hands or a washcloth.
Massage to eliminate debris and rinse with tepid water (Add a few drops of water to further emulsify if desired).
Use daily, morning or night.

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