SkinBrite Cream 2oz

SkinBrite Cream 2oz


DermaQuest Skin Therapy SkinBrite Cream lightens discoloration and prevents new hyperpigmentation to reveal a continually brighter and more even complexion. Safe for sensitized skin, DermaQuest Skin Therapy SkinBrite Cream delivers essential moisture, and powerfully protects skin from free radical damage with antioxidants.

Target Beauty
Prevents new hyperpigmentation.
Lightens discoloration and brightens the complexion.
Boosts skin’s defenses with antioxidants.
Moisturizes and calms.
Anti-aging properties.
No AHAs or hydroquinone; safe for sensitized skin.

Key Active Components
BV-OSC – Stabilized Vitamin C; brightens and protects skin from free radical damage.
Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cells – Stimulate new cell generation, protect, and prolong cell life.
Chromabright™, Hexylresorcinol – Inhibit tyrosinase to prevent the formation of new hyperpigmentation.
Emblica – A potent antioxidant; lightens discoloration, improves hydration, and soothes inflammation.
Bakuchiol – Antioxidant; purifies and soothes skin; normalizes sebum production.
Kojic Acid, Licorice Root Extract – Lighten discoloration and prevent new hyperpigmentation.
Sodium Hyaluronate – Attracts and holds moisture for a smoothing and plumping effect.

Apply to clean, dry skin, and follow with sunscreen for daytime use.

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