Brow Lamination, Shape & Tint 60 min

Brow Lamination, Shape & Tint 60 min


A non-invasive, semi-permanent brow treatment that involves styling the hair into the desired shape, making it look polished and sleek. The process helps keep unruly brows in their place as well as providing extra definition and volume to thin, over-plucked brows. Pair lamination with a tint to give brows a darker, thicker appearance.

Please arrive with no eye makeup

Book next treatment 4-6 weeks.

Aftercare Recommendations
Avoid sleeping face down on the pillow as well as washing eyebrows for the first 5 hours post treatment to ensure the Hydrating serum is reaching its full potential. The use of a vitamin eyebrow serum is highly recommended to be used twice a day.

Not suitable for pregnant women.

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