How to transition your skin-care routine for fall like a pro!

While the thought of cozy sweater, hot chocolate and early nights curled up on the sofa might paint the perfect fall picture, for many of us the reality of changing seasons can be a far cry from perfect for our skin. Long, dark nights, more time inside and a serious lack of hydration, make it harder for our skin to retain moisture and this means cracked hands, chapped lips and dry skin. However, by making small changes to your skincare routine in October will keep it glowing, protected and hydrated all season long!

During the colder months, your skin can become stripped and this can cause irritation. Regular exfoliation is key to keeping skin brighter and allowing hydrating ingredients to penetrate the skin better. Novo recommends using Eminence’s Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant designed to activate when combined with water, oil absorbing rice powder along with Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acids remove dead skin cells and soften skin while antioxidant rich strawberries and rhubarb cleanse and tighten pores; it is even suitable for sensitive skins!

For dry skin, gentle cleansing and products rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids are crucial. Why not try Guinot’s  Hydrazone Eye Contour Long-Lasting Hydrating This continuous hydrating serum cream provides a long-lasting source of moisture for the eye area, minimizing wrinkles caused by dryness and dehydration to hydrate and smooth the eye area, and for the face pairing up a serum and a moisturizer is the best way to lock in moisture and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin we absolutely love  Guinot’s Continuous Nourishing Protection Cream and Nutri Cellulaire Serum are  the perfect pairing combining pro-ceramides omega’s and essential oils to repair, hydrate and protect even the most driest skins.

Now it’s time to step up your moisturing game. To lock in moisture, apply an all over body moisturizer at least once a day preferably after showering. We suggest using Eminece’s Honeydew Body lotion (which we use in all our Eminence facials to massage your arms whilst you are relaxing with one of the 3 masks that are applied in our Eminence Organic Facial’s). This hydrating and creamy moisturizer for the body, blended with strengthening Vitamin A  (from carrots) and nourishing calendula, replenishes moisture to promote smoother, healthier-looking skin.

The sun might not be shining but that doesn’t mean you can skip your SPF. It is essential to use sunscreen all year round as even without direct sunlight, UV rays are still present and can have a serious effect on the ageing of your skin. Dermaquest’s SheerZinc SPF30 is a soothing and lightweight physical sunscreen harnessing the power of zinc oxide to guard and protect your skin. Ensuring UVA and UVB protection without white residue. For best results, use every morning after moisturizing over your face and neck.

During the colder months, hands can often become drier and irritable, with cracks beginning to show. It’s important to start using a moisturizer for your hands to make sure they stay soft all season. We recommend using, Eminence’s Vanilla Mint Hand Cream. This hydrating hand cream keeps hands soft and supple with it’s enriching blend of shea butter and a delicate hint of fresh vanilla and mint.

Let’s not forget to protect your pout. By starting to care for your lips in October, you can minimize the risk of dry, cracked lips over winter.  We’ve been using the Guinot’s Comfort Lip Balm, a daily lip balm which smoothes and repairs chapped lips.

Of course no skin care regime would be complete without incorporating regular facials into your routine! Fall is the perfect time to do some serious repair work on your skin that has been exposed to summer’s damaging rays and there is no better treatment than a resurfacing peel at this time of year.

Getting into a yearly resurfacing peel routine is Novo’s Esthetician Manager Charlotte’s favourite way to achieve that no makeup glow. While the benefits of exfoliation speak for themselves, getting a professional grade exfoliation treatment, such as a resurfacing peel, is something you can feel and see immediately.

Make your appointment with one of our skin care specialist to learn more and take advantage of our October Special – Face resurfacing month!

So however you spend you fall this year, make sure you are using the right skincare products for your skin!

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