’Tis the season to be pampered!


The time has come when we start to plan for the infamous Christmas parties and festivities that December brings. Unfortunately miracles don’t happen overnight and with the skin’s renewal process being a 28 day cycle, now is when we need to start working our magic to make sure we look and feel amazing for the big […]

Just A Few Minutes Of Meditation May Reduce Stress, Study Finds


If there’s one mental practice that’s stood the test of time – and rigorous laboratory tests – it’s meditation. Mindfulness meditation in particular has done a good job of proving itself effective in reducing stress and depression, improving attention and cognitive performance, and even increasing grey matter density in the brain. But the question would-be […]

Help to Save The Planet, One Tree At A Time!

World is changing, as it does companies and their vision towards planet conservation and improvement of quality of life. That’s why, Éminence has done an addition to its green philosophy, which means that, for each Éminence product purchased, will plant a tree in developing countries. The initiative is called Forest for the future. By choosing […]

Refresh your Skin Month

Winter is over and spring has arrived! But our skin is still suffering from the long, cold, dry and low humidity winter of Canada, so we need to focus on using creams that will hydrate, nourish and sooth dry, and sometimes, red and irritated skin. We need to look at refreshing our products for warmer […]

Jeanet Allinson, Clinical Aesthetician New Services

Novo Spa’s Clinical Aesthetician Jeanet Allinson, offering new services: Lash & Brow Tinting, Acylic & Gel Nails, Misencil Eyelash Extensions, Electrolysis, Spider Vein Treatment, Skin Tag Treatment, Collagen Induction (Genuine Dermaroller), PCA Skin Peels / PCA Therapeutic Facials

Skin Scanner

Book an appointment for a Free Skin Scanner Analysis with a Qualified Skin Specialist, who can provide the best advise for treatments and home care products to suit your skin needs